This document assumes that you have a working knowledge of using LEdit, but not necessarily knowledge of its setup. Proper setup is crucial to make extraction of netlists work.

Setup Files

If you run LEdit, you will probably have the following files, which specify how the LEdit setup process proceeds. It will look for these files in the directory specified by the environment variable TDBPATH, unless you specify the full absolute path.
LEdit's main setup file for running the program. This file determines which derived layers are present, sets the environment, and many other things. This is just a plain LEdit .tdb file that you can edit at will from LEdit.
LEdit's extraction configuration file. This file is referred to during the extraction of layout to netlist. It contains all of the information to translate from the derived layers in LEdit, to a netlist file.
LEdit's cross-section configuration file. This file is not directly used by anything in the extraction process. It determines how LEdit will generate a cross-section of a line in the layout. I have included it in this list, because it uses derived layers also, and it is important if you are modifying the derived layers not to disturb those which this part of the program will use. I've learned this from experience. (oops!)

What You Need To Do