This file sets the following:
Very important! This file contains all derived layers that will be present at startup. These derived layers are what setup.ext and setup.xst use to specify where action needs to be taken.
Default Extraction Config File
If you set the path of your .ext file of choice in the Special-->Extract dialog before saving this file, this will be the .ext file that will be the default on startup.
Default Cross-Section Config File
If you set the path of your .xst file of choice in the Special-->Cross-Section dialog, this will also be the default on startup.
Many other important factors, including wire widths, background color, color palette, technology, drc, etc. can be set in this file, but unfortunately are beyond the scope of this tutorial. Basically, whatever state LEdit is in when you save this file will be replicated at startup if you use it as your startup file.

Associated Environment Variables

The "home directory" where LEdit starts in the directory tree to look for this file
The location, including the name of this file, of this setup file.


A regular LEdit .tdb file, saved like any other layout from LEdit.


This file can also be loaded from LEdit under File-->Setup

This file can have an arbitrary name, as long as it is correctly specified in LEdit or in TDBINIT.