lvs for fun and profit

-pspice         P-Spice input file(s). Default is HSPICE input files
-y              automatic yes answer to all questions
-%g             granularity of percentages showed while iterating
                  g=0 gives no output; default is g=5
-e file         special elements description file
-p file         use file with prematched nodes/elements.
-l              list matched and unmatched nodes and elements to
                file lvs.lst after each round of iterations
-vfpar          output verbosity
                - f Show fragmented classes
                - p Show permuted classes
                - a Show automorph classes
                - r Show detailed processing information
-o file         write output to file
-q              quiet any output to the screen
-n[rcl]         treat ALL C, R and L as non-polarized
                - r treat resistors as non-polarized
                - c treat capacitors as non-polarized
                - l treat inductors as non-polarized
-b              exclude bulk/substrate nodes
-r[s]           replace series chain MOSFETs
                - s = catch permuted MOSFETs
-O[i]           Optimize network for parallel and series
                  resistors and capacitors, and parallel MOSFETs
                - i include cases with no value parameters
-cGROUPS        GROUPS of parameters to consider when matching elements
                - 7 Consider NRD, NRS, NRG and NRB for MOSFETS
                - 6 Consider TD, F, and NL for T elements
                - 5 Consider Z0 for T elements
                - 4 Consider areas for B, D, J and Q elements
                - 3 Consider AS, AD, PD and PS for MOSFETS
                - 2 Consider L and W for MOSFETS
                - 1 Consider Rval,Cval and Lval for R,C and L elements
-dgVALUE[%]     Difference allowed between two geometric parameters as a
                 percentage of the larger one to compare equal. 
                 Default VALUE=0.01%
-dvVALUE[%]     Difference allowed between two value parameters as a
                 percentage of the larger one to compare equal. 
                 Default VALUE=5%