Matt's Journal

On Saturday my friend Dave and I went to see a movie.  It was called High
Fidelity and starred John Cusack.

Dave says you just can't go wrong with a John Cusack movie.

After we sat down and the movie was about to start I saw a short
dark-haired woman sit down in the row in front of us.

"Hey Dave," I said, "Doesn't that look a lot like Salma Hayek?"

"Aww, you're just imagining things," Dave said.  "It's pretty dark in

I thought Dave was probably right, but I was still intrigued.  Once I 
thought I heard her talking in a Spanish accent but it was hard to tell if I 
was imagining that, too.

When the movie was over, Dave had to go to the men's room, so I stood in
the lobby to wait for him.  The spot I was standing in happened to have a
good view of where the woman was standing in the lobby with some other
people.  I wanted to see what she looked like in the light.  Now she
really looked like Salma Hayek.

I tried to keep glancing over in her direction in a non-chalant way, but
she must have noticed because every time she looked back at me.  I can't be
certain, but she almost started to look a little annoyed.

After a while, she left to go to the ladies' room.

Dave passed her on his way back from the men's room.  "Yup, I agree, that
really does look like Salma Hayek," he said.

On the way back to the car we tried to think of a movie in which Salma
Hayek acted particularly well.  We couldn't think of any standout roles
except for when she played a snake charmer in From Dusk Til Dawn and
poured Tequila down her bare leg.

We checked IMDB to see if any movies Salma Hayek was in were shooting in
Baltimore.  There weren't.  We really couldn't think of any other reason
why she would be in Baltimore.

Later, I checked Salma Hayek's 'mini-biography' in imdb.  The last entry
said she was engaged to Edward Norton this year.  Edward Norton grew up near
Baltimore.  He was also here for the Maryland premiere of his new movie.

"Hey, I wonder if that tall goofy-looking guy standing next to her
could've been Edward Norton," I remarked to Dave.