The Fun Australia Trip

The Fun Australia Trip

Before the US driving trip, I went to Australia for two weeks in July with my friend Dan. We stayed in Sydney for a week, before taking a slightly rushed road trip up and down the East Coast of Australia. We got as far north as Rockhampton, where we stayed for a few days. ("Rocky? Why'd you go there?" Aussies would ask.) The only logic for choosing Rockhampton was that it was as far north and as warm as we could get to in the space of a week. We also went to Great Keppel Island for a day trip, which was cool, because there were very few people there, yet it was pleasant weather.

Driving on the left was also remarkably not hard to get used to. The biggest problem for me was that I always turned on the windshield wipers when I meant to use the turn signal.

Our constant companion, especially in the more remote areas of Australia, was the radio network Triple-J. It plays alternative music to dozens of radio stations across the country. There are no commercials, either, because it's part of the Australian Broadcasting company. There was many a time when the 'Navigator' (i.e. non-driver) would be frantically searching the radio dial for the next Triple-J station after we would go out of range of the one we had been listening to. There were some songs in heavy rotation, but it played much more of a variety than most US commercial alternative stations.

Dan took a bunch of overlapping pictures of various places on the trip. You can see my attempts to piece them together into full panoramas on this other page. Currently it's still a work in progress.

Last modified: April 11, 2000