POST Error Beeps and Codes

POST Error Beeps

SoundsProblem Indicated

Repeating short or continuous beepsPower supply or system board
One long and one short beepSystem board, display board, or power supply
One long and two short beepsSystem board or power supply
One short beep and blank displaySystem board or power supply
One short beep and prompt for diskDisk drive, disk controller or cable, system board, or power supply

POST Error Codes

Error Code NumberProblem Indicated

100'sSystem board
161Battery error
162Configuration error
163Time and date error
165System options not set
200'sMemory error
305Keyboard fuse
401Parallel port
600's except 602Floppy drive
602Reference disk
701Math coprocessor
1100's or 1200'sSerial port
1700's and 10400'sHard drive
2400'sSystem board video
8600Pointing device