Girls! Girls! Girls!

The Onion

Sometimes brilliantly satirical, sometimes fall-out-of-your chair funny, sometimes pretty lame...always worth a look.

Things to do in LA when you're bored.

I wrote this little mini tour guide to a friend who was visiting LA. (currently not formatted very well.) It has some Caltech favorites in it.

The Amazing 8,000 Wives Program.

Why have one when you could have eight thousand!

Jonathan Weinstein's Hair Club For Men

Small hair got you down?

A Nice Zen Story all seriousness.

Mammoth Mountain

WARNING!! This page has a daily picture of Mammoth's slopes that is very frustrating if you are stuck in a desert. (i.e. Los Angeles)


Great Outdoor Recreation Pages. Information on activities, parks, and more all over the world.

Quantum Physics

All you need to know.

US Postal Service ZIP+4 Database

This is a useful, fast database. Enter an 'imperfect' address, and it will return the standardized form of the address, complete with the ZIP+4 number.

Subaru Car Audio Connector Pinout

Pinout for the 13-pin DIN connector on the back of the Panasonic 'Premium Sound' factory audio for a Subaru Legacy around '92.