Matthew Clapp

Matt Clapp

"This is a yellow," she said. "This is a yellow."


The Web is a wondrous place of boundless information, easy hyper-link interfaces . . . and blatant self-promotion.

Flash Animation

Home-made animation straight from myself. If you're expecting artistic or technical brilliance, you might want to check back in a year. Currently this has some "experiments" that I've made in the process of learning how stuff works. You need at least Flash 4 to view the toons.


I'm a bona-fide Electrical Engineer. Here are some things that may be of interest to you if you design and/or build electronics.


Currently I'm doing work with VLSI. This is some of my own stuff, plus some useful VLSI links.


Here's some software projects that I cooked myself.

Great Literature

"Silly Rabbi, kicks are for Trids!" 'Nuff said.

Girls! Girls! Girls!

Just another hormonally-induced web link, or a Liz Phair song? You decide.


<Insert religious OS babble here.> Here are some useful links and stuff.


Blacker Telephone & Electric, the (dormant) local utility of Blacker Hovse.
Here's the developers' page with more technical information.

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